The book Night is a true story told by Elie W about his life in Nazi concentration camps. The Jews try to stay optimistic as the Germans came into their towns and take over. Elie and his father are sent to multiple concentration camps. The book takes you through Elie's life in the camps until the time his father dies.

I Liked reading about Elie's struggles and experiences as he continuously fights for his life in the concentrations camps. I also enjoyed learning about the holocaust and what happened to the Jews as they were sent from camp to camp.

Some of the book what hard to understand exactly what Elie was trying to say. This is most likely because the book was not originally written in English.

We can take away many things from this book. One thing we must learn is that in an extreme situation, people are capable of doing anything. Night also shows us the strength of a father son relationship. What Elie and his father went threw is incredible, and they helped each other survive.

Essential Questions

What are the root causes of persecution?

I think the root cause of persecution is differences between people. People have different religions, beliefs, looks, and more.

What are some current examples of persecution that take place in today's world?

Persecution does not necessarily mean something as extreme as the Holocaust. Persecution is going on everywhere, even today. It can be seen in schools.

What does Night teach us about what it means to be human?

In Night, the Nazis de-humanize the Jews. The take away the simple things that we take for granted, what makes us human. They took the Jews names and instead, gave them letters and numbers. This is like taking their identity. The Jew could no longer make simple choices. For example, when they would eat, how much they would eat, or when they would sleep. Relationships were also torn apart during this de-humanization process.

What did I learn from this writing assignment
Writing this essay about Elie and his fathers relationship showed me how strong the bond is between father and son. Even when his father was dying, Elie stayed with his father and helped to make him comfortable. I also learned about how the Nazi concentration camps can change people and their relationships.

What did I do well in this unit
I think I had a good understanding of the relationship between Elie and his father and how it changes. I also had good organization within the essay.

What areas could I improve on
I need to improve my ability to integrate quotes and introduce secondary sources.