Two men looking for work on a ranch travel together. Lennie is large and strong but also mentally challenged. George has the constant challenge of taking care of Lennie and getting him out of trouble. After being forced to leave the town of weed, Lennie and George go to a ranch to work. They worked to try and make their dream of owning their own home come true. Unfortunately, Lennie's obsession for soft things got in the way of this dream. While feeling a girls hair, he broke her neck. George decides it to shoot Lennie.

One thing I liked about the book Of Mice and Men is how at the beginning of each chapter there are detailed descriptions.

I did not like the ending of the book. I thought it was just cruel how George shoots Lennie.

What can we learn from reading this book?
From reading this book we can learn about working toward a dream and making it a reality. You have to keep working hard for something you want. In the book Lennie and George's goal is to own their own land and tend rabbits.

Why are dreams important to live successful and fulfilling lives?
When you have dreams you stay motivated and know what you're working toward. Your dreams also let you know why you're working hard. For example, you work hard in high school to get into a good college and fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor.

How important is it for human beings to have a place where they belong?
It is important for human being to have a place where they belong. When they feel like they belong they will feel like there is a reason to live. People need friends and someone to talk to. Without having a place where you feel like you fit in a person may not be as successful.

Does our Current society encourage or discourage loneliness or isolation?
Our current society discourages loneliness and isolation. With new technology like cell phones, e-mail, webcam, and facebook, people are always connected. Everyone always knows everything about everyone. It is very hard to find isolation in a society like this.

What constitutes a genuine friendship?
In a genuine friendship it is important to always be there for each other and always be willing to listen. True friends support each other and give honest advice. They are willing to put the other person first and make spending time with the other person a priority.