In the book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck is a young boy trying to gain freedom. He wants to start and new life away from Widow Douglas, Ms. Watson, and his drunken father. Huck fakes his own murder and then travels down the Mississippi River. He travels with Jim, the Widow's runaway slave. They make a life by buying, hunting, and stealing food as they need it. Huck likes Jim's company so he does not turn him in for a reward.

In this book I liked how Huck and Jim worked together. The worked and traveled together in a time with it was not common for whites and blacks to get along. They put the color of their skin aside, and made their way toward freedom.

While it was interesting to see how the characters in the book would have talked, it was very difficult to read. This was the main thing I disliked about the book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Mark Twain's style of writing in this book is very hard to understand.

What can we learn from reading this book?
This book takes place during a very racist time. This book teaches us that the color of our skin does not make us different. For example, Huck and Jim work together toward and similar goal even though one is white and one is black.

What role does society play in shaping who we are?
Society plays a huge role in shaping who we are. The customs and people we are around is what we adopt for ourselves. The things we are around all the time and what is acceptable to society will change us.

What does freedom mean to you?
Freedom means that you can be yourself and make your own decisions.

How do you go about making important decisions?
To make important decisions I use things I have learned from past experiences. I will also ask for advice from people that I respect. Then I apply these things to make an important decision.

What does Huck Finn teach us about what it means to be human?
Although humans are imperfect, we are compassionate to others much of the time. Like Huck, we try to do the right thing. Many times it is difficult to know what the right thing is.